Rockvinyl is a brand-new vinyl record pressing plant based in the East End of Glasgow.

Passionate about music and design, the experienced team behind Rockvinyl are dedicated to providing global record companies, independent labels and artists with the highest quality, sustainable vinyl.

Seed capital of £422,500 has been provided by the Directors and associates and these funds have been used to secure the factory

Share Price
Min investment

Please note there is a maximum investment limit of £75k per investor.

The directors believe that the company is engaged in a qualifying trade for EIS purposes and that tax relief will be available to qualifying shareholders upon application although no guarantees can be given by either the company or its directors. Shareholders are advised to seek advice from their accountant or other professional advisor.

Tax treatment is dependent on individual circumstance and is subject to change Please note Rockvinyl cannot give tax advice and if you should seek independent tax advice for a qualified professional before deciding to invest.

Jim Kerr, lead singer of Simple Minds wishes us well!

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The factory

Rockvinyl has secured a ten-year lease on a 7,000 square foot modern energy efficient industrial building in the east end of Glasgow at a rental cost of £55,600 per annum. The management team will install an external LPG tank storage system and a plant room building to contain the steam boiler system and adiabatic cooling system at a total cost estimated at £400,000.

The Vinyl Resurgence

When sales of CD's overtook records in the late 1980's, it looked as if the era of the vinyl record was coming to an end. By the early 1990's, vinyl production had all but ceased. Plants closed down and skilled production operatives retired.

However, as digital formats – specifically streaming platforms e.g. Spotify, Amazon and Apple – became established as the primary source of music for consumers of recorded music, vinyl made a comeback.

Listeners who found something missing in the digital age once again turned to the tangible format of vinyl records, with sales on a steady increase since 2006, with 2023 representing a record year for vinyl sales.

Not only have consumers returned to vinyl because of a desire for better sound and an improved listening experience, many see the purchase of vinyl as a sound investment opportunity, with platforms like Discogs, home to a vinyl trading community of tens of tens of millions of buyers and sellers with more than 64 million vinyl on its virtual shelf.

Green Agenda

The Rockvinyl carbon efficiency agenda involves conversion of an existing factory which has a materially lesser carbon cost than construction of a new facility.

We intend to use a zero percent bioplastic option for vinyl record production. The factory will also have 197 solar roof panels which are anticipated to contribute 37,000kw per annum to our total electrical consumption.

We will aim for the company's gas emissions will be one hundred percent offset using accredited carbon offset providers. A closed loop chilling system will be used to reduce water consumption thus taking advantage of the colder Scottish climate to cool the production output.

Rockvinyl's printed material will be on FSC certified materials and recycled stock and printed using vegetable-based inks. We are also aiming to have onsite recycling of waste vinyl materials back into the production cycle with no effect on quality.

Rockvinyl's objective is to achieve and maintain zero waste status.

What the moneys will be spent on

The proceeds of the public fund raising will be used to finance the capital costs involved in making the company's manufacturing facility compatible with vinyl record production, outstanding payments on plant and machinery and other set-up costs.

It is also intended that the proceeds of the share issue will be used to repay the director loans of £50k

Shareholder benefits

  • Tee Shirt
  • Subscription to Rockvinyl newsletter
  • Tee Shirt
  • Skip cap
  • Subscription to Rockvinyl newsletter
  • Tee Shirt
  • Skip cap
  • Subscription to Rockvinyl newsletter
  • Launch Party invite
  • Annual shareholders party with music and ambassadors for yourself
  • Tee Shirt
  • Skip cap
  • Hoodie
  • Subscription to Rockvinyl newsletter
  • Launch Party invite (plus two guests)
  • Annual shareholders party with music and ambassadors for yourself (plus two guests)
  • Rega planner system one / kyte speakers, io amp and remote control

Approx value: £1000.

Please note, claiming the shareholder rewards that are outlined here may adversely impact any potential EIS tax benefits. Please consult someone who is qualified to give tax advice

The team


How much are you trying to raise?

We have a target of £500,000 with a stretch target of £1.75 million, however any amount of funds which we raise will be used. More details on what we are raising funds for can be found below.

What are you raising the money for?

The proceeds from the share issue will be applied to financing the capital costs associated with the construction of the company's three AD12 vinyl pressing machines and infrastructure costs associated with the installation.

The pressing machines have been constructed by Pheenix Alpha in Sweden and are due for delivery in early spring. The infrastructure costs include boiler and housing with associated plant, cooling system and pipe work installation. There are ground works for external siting of plant and LPG and electrical upgrades and ancillary equipment associated with finishing of vinyl records.

Where can I get more information before deciding to invest?

It is your responsibility to decide whether to make a specific investment or not.

You should review all of the information provided on the website, including the pitch deck, additional documents, Investor Terms & Conditions and the Risk warnings.

You may also wish to carry out relevant background research of your own,

Rockvinyl does not provide financial, investment, or tax advice to investors and so you may choose to seek financial, tax and other professional, qualified advice before making any investment decision.

I am not UK based, can I invest?

If you are dominciled outside of the UK and EU, you are unable to invest using this website.

For a significant investment, we would be more than happy to enter into separate discussions as to whether we can accommodate this. It will be dependent on your particular circumstances and the regulatory framework in your country of residence. 

Please contact us via email if this interests you.